Exellent Indonesia


Exellent Indonesia seriously to improve in hard chrome. So there are one dept to consent. Now Exellent Indonesia only in outer hard chrome. So near time we will improve inner hard chrome as well. We not only give good product, we also give fast services, for hard chrome with normally thickness and have not a critical problem we could finished in 2 or 3 days. With one well chrome Exellent Indonesia can be finished 18 pcs rod per month. We have two well chrome so in a month we can be finished 30 – 36 pcs.


Choosing the right chemical is very important because if the chemical not compatible with material, the result could be disaster. Exellent Indonesia has good experience in choosing the right chemical to make a better product. We choose the compotition chemical such as: Cromic Acid Flake Type Elementis A2/Y70/S from USA, KC33 (hardener), H 2SO 4 (asam sulfat) and pure water (aquades)

For maintenance chrome facilities, we have scheduled :

  • Checking chemical every month
  • Checking well every 12 months (December)
  • Checking anoda every 6 months (July and December)
  • Checking rectifier every month

When we check a well, we need about 3-5 days but to check anoda, to check rectifier we need only 1days.


To accomplished a good product we are supported by modern machining and facility in maintenance, industrial, and automotive production.

    • Machining facilities
    • Hard chrome facilities
    • Compatible Workshop
    • Representative Office
    • Management System
    • Supporting facilities
    • Measurement equipmen

In our company, we are supporting with competence management, consultant, office building, and support by supporting machining from abroad.


Exellent Indonesia give warranty to all their product. In hard chrome we give 12 months which the first reached. It so happen warranty are :

  • Chrome product get peeled off
  • There are pin hole and fitting on the surface
Warranty will be given to the customer as long as the use of the work piece is in the right procedure.




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